A Study of HealthyRide Pittsburgh Data

By George Lejnine

Published April 13th, 2016
As Pittsburgh becomes more bike friendly through the construction of additional bike lanes, the introduction of the Healthy Ride bicycle sharing program has been a great addition to the city’s infrastructure. The program went live on July 1st, 2015 and has seen 56,373 rides between launch and December 31, 2015. During this time, 48,549 hours of bike riding has been logged, averaging at 52 minutes per ride.

The Healthy Ride program releases quarterly data to the public, and as of writing this they have released two quarters of data, spanning from July 1st, 2015 to December 31, 2015. This data is anonymized, yet contains some very interesting statistics. The data set can be found here.

Number of Rides vs. Daily Temperature

In this chart we looked at how the daily temperature (provided by NOAA) compares to the number of daily rides. An interesting spike exists on December 12, 2015. This day is a Saturday, and combined with abnormally warm winter weather of 62ºF, ridership peaks at 653 rides. This is the highest number of daily rides since August 22, 2015 (which peaked at 714 rides). Data can be found here.

Number of Rides By Day of Week

In this chart we examined which days of the week are the most popular. Saturday by far is the most popular, followed by Sunday. Tuesday is the lowest of all days, with the number of rides picking up as the week goes by. The data set can be found here.

Ride Distribution by Day of Week and Time of Day

This chart goes into more depth looking at what time of the day is most popular, broken down by day of the week. As we saw in the chart above, Saturday is the most popular, peaking at 3PM. Adding up the number of rides per hour for the entire week, 6PM is the most popular accounting for 4953 rides (8.78% of all rides). Data can be found here.

Ride Distribution by Length of Ride

This chart looks at how long bike rides last. Rides under 15 minutes account for 43% of all rides, while 10% of rides exceed 90 minutes. Data can be found here.

Station Origination and Termination

This diagram shows where bike rides take place, and to which stations they return. The majority of bicycles end up being returned to the a different station from which they were taken (16,382 same, 39,991 different). S 27th & Tunnel Blvd is by far the most popular station. For some trips, Healthy Ride did not provide the ride origin or end, and has been labeled as “unknown”. Data can be found here.

To conclude, Healthy Ride is a wonderful program, and we hope to see it expand the number of stations and bicycles. We are looking forward to seeing the data for 2016 Q1 and seeing how ridership progresses. Questions or comments? Email the author at [email protected]

A copy of the PostgreSQL database dump can be downloaded here.

(c)2016 George Lejnine